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Terms and Conditions
  1. After satisfying above mentioned prerequisites, when a person becomes a member of Securedent Dental Club Pvt. Ltd. the company shall provide comprehensive dental treatment for the under mentioned dental ailments (included in the plan).

    1. a. Cavity filling (normal) meaning any decay in the tooth which is not touching the pulp of the tooth that means within the dentinal level. Cavities which are deep i.e. involving the pulp/ deeper requiring a root canal treatment is not included in the comprehensive dental treatment .

    2. b. Cavity filling shall be done with glass ionomer cement/ silver amalgam/ light cure composite according to the need. (light cure composite only for cavity filling, not for crown built up, veneers, lamination, diastema closure, smile design shall not be included in the comprehensive dental treatment.)

    3. c. Scaling, complete prophylaxis, polishing shall be done under comprehensive dental treatment. Gum treatment like deep scaling, sub gingival curettage, gingivectomy, gingivoplasty, flap surgery, recontouring of the gingiva, repositioning of the gingiva, guided tissue regeneration, guided bone regeneration (bone graft) is not included in the comprehensive treatment plan.

    4. d. Extraction of tooth/ teeth: only broken teeth/ decayed teeth/ root stumps/ loose teeth, fractured teeth shall be included in the comprehensive dental treatment.

    5. e. Extraction of impacted tooth (i.e. tooth which is embedded in the bone and needs surgical extraction) / cyst enucleation/ excision of growth/ tumor or any other surgical ailment other than extraction mentioned earlier is not included in the comprehensive dental plan.

    6. f. In case of missing tooth/ teeth, acrylic removable partial denture shall be provided.

    7. g. Crown, bridges, veneers, laminates, inlays, onlays (metallic/ ceramic) cast partial denture, over denture, full denture/ single or full mouth dental implants are not included in the plan.

  2. Apart from the treatments mentioned above in (1.- a to g), if there are any other pre-existing dental ailments/diseases whose treatment is not included in the comprehensive dental treatment the member has to get the ailments treated anywhere or by the authorized dentist of Securedent (mandatory). Or else the existing ailments shall be mentioned as untreated and any future complications/diseases/ ailments arising from or relating to the pre-existing dental ailments shall not be covered in the plan.

  3. If the member does not get the pre-existing dental ailments treated he/she can become a member but shall not be entitled for any facility for the treatment of the pre-existing ailments/ diseases or any complications / diseases/ailments arising from or relating to them.

  4. The validity of the membership will be for one year from the date of commencement.

  5. All the members are entitled cash back facility for the dental treatment according to the plan chosen by the member. The cash back facilities are only for those ailments which are mentioned in the plan. Details for the cash back facilities will be provided at the time of membership.

  6. The member/members shall be free to choose their own dentist/dental surgeon (according to the definition of dental surgeon/dentist vide clause number 5. of Para-definition) for getting their dental treatment. Since the dentist/dental surgeon is of the member's choice the company shall not be responsible for any faults/mishaps or any post-operative complications/problems arising during or after the dental treatment.

  7. For any particular dental treatment ( according to the chosen plan ) for a particular tooth or teeth the member shall be entitled to get the treatment only once for eg if the member has got a root cannal treatment done in a particular tooth from any dentist/ dental surgeon of his / her choice and has taken a cash back for the same, in case the root cannal treatment fails on that tooth and re root cannal is indicated then he / she shall not be entitled for cash again for that treatment.

  8. The cash-back facility for any dental treatment will be in accordance to the chart given to the member at the time of becoming a member, no matter what the member has paid to the dentist/dental surgeon . Eg. If a member gets a treatment X done on a particular tooth, he/she will get cash-back of rupees Y/- only for the plan Club silver and rupees Z/- for plan Club gold, no matter what he/she has paid to the dentist/dental surgeon for the treatment X only after verification.

  9. The Members are permissible for the dental treatments ( as per the plan ) in the opd basis that is under local Anaesthesia .

  10. The Member's are not permissible to get any orf the dental treatment mentioned in the plan in IPD Basis that is by getting admitted in the hospital and getting treatment under local or general Aneasthesia.

  11. The Plan does not include any treatment requiring admission in the,Hospital ,Hospitalstay,Day care basis.

  12. The will have to get a routine dental checkup from the authorized dentist/Dental surgeon of sucuredent dental club pvt.Ltd. once in a year for which a prior notification /appointment will be given to the member.

  13. If the member fails to get the routine checkup the in the frame work of the given appointed time then in any cash back claim lodged by the member. The company reserves its own right for providing the cash back facility.